Our Staff


Mrs Joanne Taylor

Designated Child Protection/ Safeguarding Officer Officer



Vice Principal

Miss Vicky Leah

Inclusion and KS1 Phase Leader

Designated Child Protection/ Safeguarding Officer


Assistant Principals

Mrs Christina Pearson (Maternity Leave Feb 2017 – Feb 2018)

Curriculum and Standards/ Phase Leader/ Designated child protection/Safeguarding Officer



Phase Leaders    

Miss Vicky Leah

Mrs Vicky Simpson

Mrs Emma Brennan


Mrs Christina Pearson



Teaching Staff

Nursery:  Mrs Kayleigh Sheridan  kayleigh    Teaching Assistant: Miss L Rayner  Leanne        ,

Mrs Emma Brennan    emma

Reception 1: Miss Laura Arrowsmith laura      Teaching Assistant: Miss Keely Leonard

Reception 2: Mrs Lisa Frost      lisa            Mrs Mary Higginbotham    

Mrs Paula Johnston          paula

1A: Mrs Linda Lanigan                         1B: Miss Jade Collinson 

2A: Miss Shelley Szoltysek                shelley      2B: Mrs Vicky Simpson  

3A: Mrs Helen Abela                                                      3B: Miss Joella Andrew          JOella




4A: Miss Clare Dangerfield                                   4B: Mr Chris Bennett

5A: Miss Rebecca Evans                               5B: Miss Alice Cleary


6A: Miss Louise Biddle                       6B: Miss Larna Vella               Larna


Science Teacher

Mr Chanel Lally              Chanel



Teaching Assistants KS1

Mrs Jane Hunter          Jane


Miss Lindsey Hyde           lindsey


Miss Caroline Howson        caroline


Mr James Belfield


Teaching Assistants KS2


Mr Dan Smith     Dan



Mrs Helen Climance   helenc


Ms Suzanne Haughton  suzanne


Mrs Samatha    Turner


Miss Katie McGuiness


Mrs Liz Viola 


Office Staff

Mrs Jill Bate     jill         Mrs Katie Taylor

Mrs Nicola Dean               nicola


Pastoral Support and Child Protection

Mrs Maria Woods maria


Mid – Day Assistants

Bev Ainsworth                          Lorna Cooper

Stephanie Devlin                         Helen Faulkner                        Vicky Gallimore

Suzanne Haughton                    Julieanne Lees                          Jean Modrzynski

Blagovesta Parashkevova         Julie Pountain                           Dan Smith

Louise Stott                               Samantha Wagstaff

Victoria Horridge                          Stephanie Hadley


Site Manager:                                     Site Staff:

Mr Phil Murray                                      Mrs Bev Ainsworth          Mrs Julie Pountain           Ms Tracy Waite