Teaching of Reading


The teaching of reading at Manchester Road begins as soon as the children come to our Early Years (Little Owls, Hedgehogs and Rabbits)

Throughout the Early Years children learn how to sound out words using synthetic phonics  -a specialised program in which all our EY team are trained.

To teach phonics, the school uses a combination of letters and sounds, Jolly Phonics, and from September 2016, we will be introducing ‘Read, Write, Ink’ which is a very structured approach to learning to read, write and spell.

In addition to being taught phonics, the children will also take home a library book or a school reading book. When they are ready to start reading text independently, the children will join a guided reading group.

During guided reading, children are taught different reading skills by the teacher – not only how to sound out letters and words, but how to make sense of the text.

Currently, the school uses the ‘Rigby Star’ scheme to teach reading, and a whole range of books to support this learning at home. The books being taken home by the children are an ‘easy’ read, and should need very little teaching input – they are meant as a way of enjoying reading with family and asking/ answering questions about what they have read.

A new system of reading currently being trialled is ‘reciprocal reading’ – there is extensive research behind this method, and we are excited to be able to try something new!

Once in Key Stage 1, the children continue to learn phonics in preparation for reading and spelling more complex words, and gaining a deeper understanding of how the English language works.

The children will have either 1 or 2 guided reading sessions a week, and will move through the reading bands as and when they are ready. The guided reading sessions now begin to focus on different reading skills, and author intent, as well as basic comprehension. The children take home Oxford Reading Tree books as an easy read, and a reading record allows parents and people at home to make comments about their reading.

All children in Year 2 visit the library and sign up to be a member if they have not already.

In KS2 the children will have reciprocal reading sessions for 4 days each week, and will take home a reading book or library book to enjoy. As they progress the children look deeper into the meaning of books, what their purpose is, how they are constructed and what information they can glean from them.

If any parents or visitors would like more information about the teaching of reading and phonics, please contact Vicky Leah, Vicky Simpson or Helen Abela…Your child’s class teacher will also be able to tell you all about our exciting¬†reciprocal reading!

You can also find out more about reciprocal reading here: