Year 4

Yearly Overview  Year 4 Miss Manfredi and Mr Parker
Topic Heroes and Villains- Rainforests Game Changers-Ancient Egypt

(How are people from the past so special?)

Celebrate good times- Holidays



Is cutting down the rainforests a villainous act?

Why is the rainforest so important?


Why were Pharaohs important to the Egyptians?

How did the pharaohs influence the development of Ancient Egypt?



Why are seaside holidays special?

How have holidays changed?

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Off curriculum units        


Literacy Comic strips


Book Unit- The Tunnel


Rainforest Poems – Creating images



Narrative – Rainforest Dilemma. “The Kapok Tree’’


Blogging – Rainforest Adventures





Narrative – Egyptian Adventure Story.



Book Unit- Search for Tutankhamun-

Jane Shuter




Newspaper Report  – The Egyptian News – The discovery of Tutankhamun

Recount- Trip to Llandudno


Narrative – Stories about fantasy worlds. “Alice in Wonderland ”


Leaflet- Persuasion/Llandudno

Biography – Lewis Carroll


Plays – Punch and Judy script



Book Unit- TBC

Skills, Knowledge, Understanding See more detailed planning documents and route maps.



See individual year group progressions and planning documents.


Science Living things -Rainforest creatures and what they eat







Habitats – Rainforest habitats


Changes in environment/layers of the rainforest

Electricity, circuits – Creating a torch for a tomb raider


Teeth and Digestion- How healthy was an Egyptian diet? States of matter Sound
Skills, Knowledge, Understanding Asking relevant questions

Classifying data/food chains

Making systematic and careful observations- rainforest plant experiment Using scientific equipment

Creating simple practical enquires








Identifying differences, similarities or changes

Making predictions

Recording findings


Making predictions Recording findings

Drawing conclusions

Taking accurate measurements

Making predictions

Recording  measurements

History     Can we place Ancient Egypt in time?

Life in Ancient Egypt

How did Pharaohs affect Egyptian society?

How did Akhenaten and Nefertiti change Egypt’s beliefs? What was their impact?

Ancient Egyptian life after death.

Howard Carter and the discovery of Tutankhamun.


The Victorian history of Llandudno and the Victorian seaside.


When did people start to come to Llandudno for their holidays?


How have seaside holidays changed over time?

The Pier Pavilion Theatre –


When was the pier built?


How was it used?


When was it destroyed by the fire?


Skills, Knowledge, Understanding     Understand how to use and interpret a range of sources.

Organise relevant historical information.

Devise historically valid questions

Note connections, contrasts and trends over time
Geography Where are the rainforests located in the world?


Why are the rainforests so hot?


What re the names of each layer of the rainforest?

What impact does deforestation have on the environment?


Is it right or wrong to cut down the rainforest?


What is it like to live in the rainforest?



Where is Egypt located on a world map?


Why is the River Nile so important?


How important was the River Nile for the people of Egypt?

Where is Llandudno?


How do we get to Llandudno?


What can we do in Llandudno?

Llandudno fieldwork/land use


How does

Llandudno compare

to our local area (Droylsden)?

Skills, Knowledge, Understanding Use maps, atlases, globes to locate countries

Understand environmental regions

Compass work

Describe and understand land use Use maps, atlases, globes

Understand land use, economic activity including trade links

Understand types of settlement and land use, economic activity

Use maps, atlases, globes

Use the eight points of a compass, grid references, symbols and key

Understand geographical similarities and differences

Use fieldwork to observe, measure, record

Use digital technologies.

Art Pop Art

Creating our own comic strip based on heroes and villains (pop art hero and villains characters)

Tasc- Can you create a piece of rainforest art work inspired by the author and illustrator ‘Anthony Browne?’


Rainforest Animals  (observational drawing)

Tasc- Can you design your own Egyptian artefact for a display in an Egyptian museum?



Additional Art- Ancient Egyptian collage


Tasc- Can you create Llandudno pier inspired by the work of artist Jean Morgan Roberts?




Skills, Knowledge, Understanding   Record observations

Drawing and painting using texture

Using a range of materials

Colour mixing/paint

Drawing skills – Sketching different lines/how do blend watercolours for landscapes
D&T Tasc- Can you design and make a rainforest home?



Additional DT- make your own rain shaker


Making Egyptian flatbread

Instructions- Mummifying an orange

Make an amusement ride – Ferris wheel
Skills, Knowledge, Understanding   Evaluate ideas and products Understand how to strengthen, stiffen and reinforce


  Prepare and cook using a range of cooking techniques   Understand and use mechanical systems
ICT We are software developers – developing a simple educational game We are toy designers – prototyping an interactive toy We are musicians- producing digital music We are HTML editors – editing and writing HTML We are co-authors – producing a wiki We are meteorologists – presenting the weather


Skills, Knowledge, Understanding          


Rainforest songs

Using instruments to represent different animals moving through the rainforest

Music to accompany different Ancient Egyptian occasions.

Play a selection of Egyptian inspired instruments (tambourines/drums)

Victorian seaside songs.

Create a Victorian song with instrumental accompaniment


Skills, Knowledge, Understanding Sing and use their voices

Play and perform using instruments

Perform, listen to, review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods Create and compose music

Use appropriate pitch and tempo

P.E Dance Gymnastics


Games and Athletics
Skills, Knowledge, Understanding Perform dances using a range of movement patterns

Evaluate their performances


Develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance

Evaluate their performances


Use running, jumping, throwing and catching

Play competitive games

Apply basic principles suitable for attacking and defending

R.E Hinduism – Celebrating Diwali Christianity – The big Celebrations Christianity – The New Testament and Jesus’ Miracles


Hinduism – Celebrating Holidays

Ancient Egyptian life after death.


Christianity, Islam, Hinduism – Comparing places of worship, customs and traditions
Skills, Knowledge, Understanding