Year 5

Yearly Overview – Year 5
Topic – Question Heroes and Villains

Who were the true heroes and villains of the Ancient Greek world?

Game Changers

Did Henry VIII change England for better or worse?

Celebrate Good Times!

Is water a cause for celebration?

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Off Curriculum units Book Unit – The Mousehole Cat




  Royalty –

Royalists vs. non royalists

E twinning project  








Non-chronological report: Greece

Poetry: inspired by The Mousehole Cat



Persuasion: Why should you go on holiday to Greece?

Myths and Legends: Comic strips



Narrative poetry:

The Highway man by Alfred Noyes


Newspaper report

Traditional tales (with a twist):

The Wolf’s Story (Toby Forward & Izhar Cohen)


Modern fiction:

The Great Paper Caper (Oliver Jeffers)

Instructions: recipes

Explanation: How the river system work



Materials and their properties Living things and their habitats Earth and Space Forces





History of the Olympic games



The Spartans vs. the Athenians – who were the real heroes and Villains? The Tudors

An in-depth study into the life of Henry VIII and the change and impact he had on England.





Ordnance survey maps, contour lines, holiday resorts in modern Greece Local study: Can we find geographical evidence of the Tudor period in our local area?




Features of rivers, river systems, environmental issues, rivers around the world, flooding due to global warming




Colour: controlling and experimenting particular qualities of tone, shades, hue and mood;

considering colour for purposes

Print making: ability to chooses appropriate tools, material and methods of working


Pattern: organising pattern; using shape; abstract pattern; expressing mood; pattern for purposes e.g. clothes, puppets, boxes, folders, book covers etc. Drawing: awareness of dark and light, form and texture Drawing: awareness of the potential of tools and materials appropriate to embody ideas and serve needs Texture:

awareness of the potential of the uses of material;

use of found and constructed textures in expressive and analytical work and design




Structures – Build a Greek Temple



Design and build a cam toy

Cam mechanisms


Cooking Project – Creating an Indian feast fit for a celebration.





We are game developers – Developing an interactive game We are cryptographers – Cracking codes We are artists – Fusing geometry and art We are web developers – Creating a web page about cyber safety We are bloggers – Sharing experiences and opinions We are architects – Creating a virtual space



Who is Mohammed?


Who Is Jesus?


Catholicism and Church of England, what did the Tudors Worship?

The abolition of the Catholic Church:

Church Visits

Are there similarities between Islamic, Christian and Hindu celebrations?







Listen; Respond; Compose; Practice; Perform:

The Storm

Listen; Respond; Compose; Practice; Perform:


Listen; Respond; Compose; Practice; Perform:

Tudor music eg Greensleeves

Listen; Respond; Compose; Practice; Perform: Listen; Respond; Compose; Practice; Perform:

Rhythm of rivers

Listen; Respond; Compose; Practice; Perform:



Fitness, circuits, personal bests Gymnastics Dance

Tudor Dancing

Gymnastics Rounders Athletics



Rules, routines and expectations to become a successful learning hero Real Love Rocks Goals to change our lives Influential people and role models Respect the right to celebrate! Growing up and Moving on