21 June 2019

We have had another exciting week in Nursery.

This Week

This week we have continued our ‘Journeys’ theme. In Literacy we have continued to focus on the story and song ‘The Journey Home From Grandpa’s’, becoming really familiar with the story and performing it with actions and music. We also looked for describing words in the text.

In Phonics we have continued to recap the letter sounds and to practise blending them to read words. We are trying really hard to listen and hear the sounds in words, using our ‘robot arms’ to sound them out. We are starting to write some of the sounds we hear in words.

In Maths we have looked at representations of numbers 5-10, and have been sorting and matching different representations, for example matching the numeral 5 with the correct numicon piece, dice face and a tower of 5 bricks.

In Continuous Provision the children have enjoyed making marks and writing in the coloured sand, parking the number cars in the correct spaces in the ‘car park’ and using their cutting skills to create collages in the creative area.

Next Week

Next week we will continue our ‘Journeys’ theme and introduce a new book, ‘The Train Ride’ by June Crebbin.

Don’t forget there is a ‘Stay and Play’ session on Monday at 9.30 for children moving to our Reception classes in September.

BLP Learning Heroes

Our Learning Heroes this week were Jack B for trying very hard with writing, and Brooke for super maths work. Rida, Renaya, Brooke and Isabella were all on the extraordinary zone. Well done!


Our attendance for the week beginning 10th June was low at 84.8% and we also had 4 late marks.

At home with your Little Owl you can ….

– Encourage your child to add some writing or labels to their pictures. Can they write the first sound for whatever they are drawing? Can they hear any of the other sounds in the words?

– Practise recognising numbers up to 10 – Can the children show those numbers in different ways such as on their fingers, on a dice, drawing a picture of that many objects or building a tower with that many blocks?

– Sing some vehicles songs such as ‘The Wheels on the Bus’, ‘Down at the Station’ or ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’. You can also sing ‘The Journey Home from Grandpa’s’ which the children have loved so much and can be found here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wKcrsv_t8Ko

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