28 June 2019

We have had another super week in the Little Owls.

This Week

This week we have focused on the story ‘The Train Ride’ by June Crebbin. We have been listening to and retelling the story in our Literacy sessions, and enjoying spotting all the different things the little girl sees on her journey. We went on our own imaginary train ride, looking through the ‘window’ and imagining what we might see.

In phonics we are continuing to recap all the sounds covered and to practise the blending (putting the sounds together to read the word) and segmenting (sounding out the word to spell it) skills that will be so important as we move into Reception. We have played lots of blending and segmenting games. We are trying really hard to write the letter shapes we know in response to hearing the sounds, this week we focused on forming d and t correctly in our ‘Get Squiggling’ session.

In Maths we have been ordering numbers 1-10, and even beyond 10. We ordered lots of numbered carriages to make a class number train. We have been talking about which numbers come before, after and in between others.

In Continuous Provision the children have enjoyed drawing and painting what they would like to see from their train window, and retelling the story in Small World. As the weather has improved we have had some wonderful fun and learning outdoors, with the children exploring in the water investigation area, planting in the garden and using the big construction equipment to build and retell stories.

BLP Learning Heroes

This week our Learning Heroes were Jack Th and Ernest, both for all the effort they put in at carpet times and their enthusiasm for learning. On the Extraordinary Zone we had Jack T for great imagination and using describing words, and Sophie for super behaviour and manners moving around school. Well done!


For the week beginning 17/6/19 our attendance was 90%, which is an improvement on the week before but does still need improvement. We had no late marks which is super news.

Next Week

Next Week we will continue to use ‘The Train Ride’ as the basis for our learning. We will create our own ‘magic train ride’ with some different destinations and interesting sights along the way. In maths we will be focusing on finding one more than a given number.

Reminders and Upcoming Events

– The next ‘Stay and Play’ session for children moving into Reception is on Tuesday 9th July at 9.30 am to 10.30 am.

– Our trip to Lyme Park is on 10th July. We do still need some more parent volunteers, so if you or a grandparent or other relative can come along please let us know.

– We enjoy learning outdoors in all weather, when it is hot and sunny like the last few days please make sure your child has put on suncream before coming to Nursery, and provide them with a cap or sunhat.

– There is no need to send extra drinks into school, we only allow milk and water and these are available for children in school. During warm weather we will ensure that children are drinking regularly.

At Home With Your Little Owl You Can

  • Practise ordering numbers – you could use number cards, or stick numbers on paper/ post its onto different toys and ask your child to order them. If they close their eyes and you mix some up, can they spot and correct which numbers have been muddled? Can they order numbers bigger than 10? Can they order some numbers out of sequence – so for example a 3, 5 and 7 – which is the biggest number and which is the smallest?
  • There is a number ordering game here to play online https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ordering-and-sequencing/caterpillar-ordering
  • Have a go at making a vehicle picture or model at home


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