Hi everyone and welcome to our Year 6 blog! Here you will find out what we get up to each week in our class!


It has been so lovely to get back into school and see all the children again! They have settled back into our new "normal" way of life and have had an amazing first week back!




Our new text for this term is 'Rain Player' which follows the story of a young Mayan boy who challenges a Mayan God to a game of Pok-a-tok (football). This week the children predicted what they thought our new text was going to be about, before clarifying unfamiliar vocabulary from the story. We have also used our inference skills to predict where we thought different events in the story would lead.




Our new unit has been place value and the children have worked hard to learn about numbers to 10 million.




Our reading sessions this week have focused on a text called 'Who were the Mayans?' and have enjoyed answering a range of literal and inference questions about it.




Our brand new topic is 'Ancient Maya' and during this week, the children have looked at significant events from Mayan history and placed them in the correct order on a timeline, before discussing their relevance and impact on our lives today.


Learning Hero of the week!


Miss Andrew's learning hero is - Coby for a great first week in his new school, displaying all of our learning powers, working incredibly hard and being so helpful in and around the school.


Miss Evans' learning hero is - Grace for settling in so well, working so hard and being an independent learner. 


Well done! We are proud of you both!


Enjoy the rest of your week and we will update our blog next week!


Miss Andrew and Miss Evans