Welcome to Manchester Road Primary Academy

As principal of Manchester Road Primary Academy, it makes me proud to be able to write the opening page to our website and blogging facility.

Manchester Road is an amazing place for children to learn, and I believe that children who come here enjoy being at school and are enthusiastic about their learning and their prospective futures.

The 21st Century is a challenging place for children and young children to grow, and both myself and all the staff here are passionate about ensuring that all our children are successful in their learning, emotional well being and in the relationships that they form throughout their time here.

Education is about so much more than academic achievement, and the ethos we promote here is one of respect for others and all the different skills, knowledge and understanding that the children bring to our school community. Everyone is different, and this is something which should be celebrated each and every day.

We strive to make sure that all children succeed whilst here, and have an absolute belief that every child should have that feeling of coming to school each and every day with things to look forward to, with friends and adults they can trust, and the very best resources to help them learn.

Manchester Road offers a great curriculum, inspired by visits out to fantastic places, and visitors to school who really motivate the children about different topics. We have a full and varied curriculum, which teaches the children about all areas of life and, as you’ll see from our Facebook and Twitter pages, sport is an important part of our school life. To ensure we stay at the forefront of education, the school is currently investigating and developing the practice of Learning Powers, The Power of Reading and Project Based Learning – all these will enhance our teaching and learning and make being at primary school an exciting time :-).

I hope to be able to share the memories and experiences of such a precious time in your children’s lives, and know that by coming to Manchester Road those memories and experiences will be many!

Joanne Taylor
Principal MRPA