Transition at Manchester Road

A thorough transition is beneficial for all pupils. It helps pupils to build positive relationships with new adults, recognise the change in environment and supports positive attitudes for the up and coming change. At Manchester Road we have a thorough transition process that is imbedded in our Emotional Friendly Schools ethos to support all pupils, including those with SEND and those starting school for the first time.

All Pupils

At Manchester Road we hold multiple opportunities for pupils to attend sessions with their new teacher and within their new classroom.

Social stories, virtual tours are available on the school website.

All parents and carers will be given an opportunity to meet the new teacher ahead of moving classes.


Pupils new to the Early Years Department with have a number of Stay and Play sessions, where parents/carers can accompany their child in school.

Early Years staff will arrange to visit the child in their home or current Early Years setting.

Parents/Carers are invited to attend the ‘Meet your new Teacher’ event.

An Early Years welcome guide is sent out to parents/carers including pictures of staff and the environment, alongside the virtual tours on the school website.

The New teacher will also hold multiple story times in the current classroom.


In addition to whole school transition days, SEND pupils have additional time spending small group sessions with their new teacher.

Pupils attend transition days (where moving to a different setting) accompanied by a familiar member of staff.

Children have opportunities to engage with social stories in class.

All pupils are taught about transition through PSHE and using the Zones of Regulation.

The School Mental Health Practitioner offers sessions around anxiety and transition for pupils , most often in Year 6.

Some pupils may have an individual transition booklet specific to their individual worries or concerns.

An in school handover, lead by phase leaders will take place for all pupils with SEND and parents consultations for children with EHCP’s and Cycle 3 support will be offered to parents/carers.

**Due to recent strike action, please check with individual high schools to confirm the transition days are still going ahead

Action or Event


Who is involved eg pupils, parents, teachers? 

SEND teacher Handover


Sendco’s and teachers RFW to VL , CL  to EB, KH to EB    Reception to Year 1. Nursery to Reception  ONLY   SEND folders hand over to phase leaders.

Transition to  Pupils Samuel Laycock/ Wright Robinson


Year 6 pupils

Transition to Samuel Laycock/ Wright Robinson


Year 6 Pupils

Stay and Play


New Early Years Parents and children

Whole school transition morning


All school children and teachers – Year 6 cover (DS/SB)

Stay and Play


New Early Years Parents and children

Transitions for Laurus Ryecroft /Droylsden Academy


Year 6 pupils

Whole School Transition Morning


All school children and teachers

Transition for Droylsden Academy


Year 6 pupils

SEND meet the new teacher


Parents of children with EHCP’s and cycle 3 support plans

Story Time In Reception


Year 1 teachers -Reception Pupils

Home or setting visits 

Week beginning  17/7/23

New Early Years children and parents/current setting

End of Year Reports


End of year reports to go home to all parents/carers

Whole School Transition Morning  AM


All school children and teachers

Whole School Transition Afternoon  PM


All school children and teachers

Meet the new teacher


All children and their new teachers

Story Time in in Reception


Year 1 teachers and Reception

Transition Videos and story books


Parents/carers continue to talk to children throughout July and august using the online resources about their new school class and teachers.


SEND Teacher Handover All teachers

6/9/23 to 7/9/23

Sendco EB- YR3 VL- YR4   All teacher from Year 1-6