There are many policies available in school – They can be downloaded from the site, or alternatively, paper copies are available upon request.

The selection here are those that are statutory for website publication. For all other policies, please enquire at the school office, or e mail the admin team –


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Trust Policies

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This is a template policy that our schools will download, add local school relevant detail to, and then upload into their Academy Policy section on their own website.
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This is a template policy that our schools will download, add local school relevant detail to, and then upload into their Academy Policy section on their own website.
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When visiting any of our sites, visitors who have access to children may be asked to provide photographic evidence of their identity upon arrival as well as their DBS documentation. This is in line with the Keeping Children Safe Guidance 2021.
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Anti-Bullying Policy

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We will use KIDSCAPE methods for helping children to prevent bullying. As and when appropriate, these may include:

  • writing a set of school rules
  • signing a behaviour contract
  • writing stories or poems or drawing pictures about bullying
  • reading stories about bullying or having them read to a class or assembly
  • making up role-plays (or using KIDSCAPE role-plays)
  • having discussions about bullying and why it matters


Advisory Centre for Education (ACE) 020 7354 8321

Children’s Legal Centre 0845 345 4345

KIDSCAPE Parents Helpline (Mon-Fri, 10-4) 0845 1 205 204

Parentline Plus 0808 800 2222

Youth Access 020 8772 9900

Bullying Online

Visit the Kidscape website for further support, links and advice.

Behaviour Policy

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The behaviour policy below was established after consultation with the children and staff at Manchester Road.

It complies fully with section 89 of the Education and Inspections act 2006.

The policy is updated annually in September by the team and Governing body.

Date Written: September 2023


In the event of bad weather we shall endeavour to make any decisions on the closure of the school by 9.30am, this is to allow staff extra time they may need to arrive at work – and therefore avoid shutting unnecessarily.

All children should make their way to school to arrive at the normal time.

In the event of closure we will send a group text to all parents for which we have a mobile number, we will post on Twitter and Facebook. If you currently do not receive text messages from the school, please contact the school office (0161 370 3079) with a number we can text you on, as the number we have for you may be out of date.

Tameside Council post a list of school closures on their website.

We will inform local radio station Key 103  (103.0FM) who announce a list of school closures in the region.

In the event of heavy snow fall during the school day that causes us to be concerned about children’s welfare in relation to returning home, we will again text for immediate collection and update the School and Tameside website and inform the local radio stations mentioned above.

It is always difficult to make the right decision due to the unpredictability of the weather, we will aim to do this as swiftly as we can. Please rest assured that any decisions taken will be based around ensuring that your children are kept as safe as possible.

Emergency closure proceedures

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