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Online Safety Policy

Updated: 27/06/2019 596 KB

Using the Internet safely at home.

Whilst many Internet Service Providers offer a filtering system to help safeguard your son or daughter at home. It still remains surprisingly easy for your child to access inappropriate material including texts, pictures and movies.

Using the computer in a family area, NOT a bedroom, will enable you to supervise your child as they use the internet. However do not deny them the opportunity to learn from the wide variety of materials and games available on the Internet. Instead discuss with them some simple rules for keeping themselves safe and make sure they understand the importance.

To keep safe they should:

¨Use websites recommended by teachers and use a student friendly search

¨Only email people they know,

¨Exercise caution before opening an email sent by someone they don’t know.

¨Not use their real name when using games on the internet.

¨If they use social network sites like Facebook use with caution and know how to block someone. (social network sites have an age limited of joining which is normally 13 years old)

¨Never give out a home address, phone or mobile number.

¨Put the computer where you can see what is happening.

¨Use a password to control settings.

¨Install software to block any unwanted information.

¨Check the history folder on your browser.

¨Tell you child to show you any abusive/offensive messages.

¨Report any abuse to the web site, police, school.

¨Save the message as evidence.

¨Make sure your child knows that they can tell you if any chat makes them feel uncomfortable and that you will support them.

¨Check the use of children’s chat rooms and the content of the conversation.


Some useful websites: