The curriculum at Manchester Road is rich and varied. We pride ourselves on a curriculum which is designed to give children the very best knowledge and skills available.

The curriculum considers the children's locality and context, whilst also ensuring they develop an interest and understanding of the wider world.

Our curriculum follows a sequence of lessons which are built upon across years, throughout each year and across subjects. To ensure the children have the correct knowledge and skills, the staff use a series of knowledge organisers which have been written and adapted by the staff in school. The knowledge organisers pick out the key areas for children to study, and allow the teachers to deliver learning effectively. These can be found on each of our subject pages along with our key concept maps, which lay out the skills progression from Early Years to Y6.

To ensure the children get the very best from our curriculum, the school staff engage in training which is up to date, and which teaches about how children learn and remember best. Our classrooms are places where the children are presented with information in a way that makes it easier to remember, and which encourages them to make links between what they have learnt and what they will be learning in the future.

At Manchester Road we take pride in community and it's diversity. Our curriculum considers our statutory duties under the equality act 2010 and the special needs and disability regulations 2014. When planning the curriculum there has been much consideration and thought put in to how we can ensure access to all, and that the curriculum feels relevant and important to all members of our community.

Our subject curriculum pages have lots more information about what we teach across school and some examples of the children's learning.

If you would like any more information about our curriculum, please contact Joanne Taylor or Vicky Leah using the school addresses.