11 October 2019

We have had a very busy first few weeks in school. We are getting to know each other and have begun our learning journeys with great enjoyment. 

Our current topic is Nursery Rhymes and we are focusing on Old MacDonald. We have practised the song, made a song map, named different farm animals and said the sounds they make. We have also used describing words to say what the farm animals looked like in Spark Your Speech and used dough to create a pig in Dough Disco.

In Maths, we have continued counting objects, practicing 1:1 correspondence and saying how many at the end. We have helped the farmer count his animals and his hay stacks. Remembering to start counting at 1.

We have been playing rhyming games in phonics. Rhyming splat, silly soup and guess who. The children loved making up silly rhymes for the names.


Learning Hero

Each week we have a BLP Learning Hero, our Learning Hero is a child who has shown one or more of our 4 R learning powers (reciprocity, resilience, resourcefulness, reflectiveness). 

This weeks Learning Heroes are Elsie (AM) for making links in her learning and Ralph (PM) for reciprocity. Hollie and Elsie also got into the Extraordinary Zone for showing resilience and not giving up when cutting out and doing a fantastic job rhyming. 

Home Learning

At home with your Little Owl you can:

*get your Owl to describe different farm animals or toys at home. What colour are they? Are the soft? Fluffy? 

*make up silly rhymes for your names. E.g. Mobey, Lobey, Dobey, Cobey. 


Key Information

* Please put names in jumpers and cardigans.

* Please bring wellies in for your child. We try to go out in all weathers. 

*A donation towards additional snack can be paid on ParentPay. 



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