24 March 2020

We hope today went well for you all.  We will be trying to put the following information onto Twitter tomorrow at the correct time.  If you aren't already on Twitter, it is:
The sheets don't have to be done each day.  We would only ask the children to complete a maths worksheet once a week for their books, which is why there aren't as many.  It is best that the children do as much as they can practically. Cooking, playing 'shop', using measuring jugs and different containers and playing with water, for example are all useful maths activities.  
Pinterest is great for ideas (we use it all the time!)
We thought it might be useful for you to have the day's info sent out to you beforehand so you could plan your day, and fit things around what you need to do.  I've only put times against 'live' things.
9am: PE with Joe Wicks (half an hour exercise) 
9.30: Set 2 sounds - YouTube Ruth Miskin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRSzT3UM-zU (the link gives you today's lesson), one alphabet sheet for handwriting practice. The children can also choose a page from their phonics booklet.  
Reading one book from Active Learn. The children will receive a daily shout out on Twitter and we've got the stickers and their reading passports at home with us now. 
English - read A Squash and a Squeeze.  Talk to the children about how the house felt bigger because all the animals had gone.  Perhaps you could make a den, then fill it and try to play in it, then clear it out to help understand the point of the story!  Here's the youtube link in case you haven't got the book at home.  


Maths - following on from yesterday's doubling lesson (Numberblocks, Series 2: Double Trouble) can you double a number?  Lego/pencils/beads/stones - anything the children can move and use so they can count out an amount and then double it.  They know that doubling is the same as adding the same number and finding the total.  We've practised up to 10 (5+5) so if they're very confident they can move up to doubles up to 20 (10 + 10)  
Finally, as we were due to learn about farms and farm animals for these last 2 weeks, the children can make the chick cut out or colour in one of the animals.  
If you have any questions, we're here at the end of an email and glad to help any way I can.  
Also, if you have any photos, please put them on Twitter, we'd love to see them.  Please don't put your child's name though, and we'll be able to retweet it to everyone else.  
Thank you
With very best wishes
Mrs Frost and Miss Collinson

Posted by Jade Collinson

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