Another busy week for Year 1! 


In English, we have continued with our book The Adventures of the Egg Box Dragon. We discovered that the Dragon came to life and is VERY mischievous! We have created a Kennings style poem about the dragon as well as freeze framed reactions to the dragons behaviour. We have then recorded what we thought the characters may say. The class had some brilliant ideas! "Oh! You sneaky dragon"  


We have been learning about Place Value within 10 this week. We have been representing objects in a variety of ways. We have used numicon, beads, fingers, numerals and counters. We have also counted forwards. Next week we will look at securing counting and counting backwards. 

We have also been exploring the materials of toys in Science and discussing whether they are made from human-made or natural materials. In History we looked at toys from the past and present and discussed how they had changed. The children loved dance again this week and are becoming more and more settled as the days go on.


This week our learning hero was Freddie-Lee. Summer and Mason got into the Extraordinary Zone this week. Our handwriting hero this week is Anais! The championship winners this are Rida, Kian and Oliver and the winning team is Honesty! 

Well done to all! 

Home Learning

Only 5 children in 1A completed the Sumdog challenge. Well done to those 5 (Anais, Marshall, Mason, Harper and Summer)! Home Learning activities will be posted on Teams. Keep your eye out for them.

Key Information

- Please come in your PE kits for PE on Tuesdays.

- Reading books have been sent out today. Please bring them back on Friday to be changed. 

- Keep up to date via Twitter at @MRPAyear1A or Teams


Have a lovely weekend