25 September 2020

Good afternoon everyone, 

We have got up to lots of interesting activities this week in Year 3.

Everyone loved swimming on Monday, we are now in groups, so the children get a lot more pool time, which is great!

In Maths, we have moved on from Place Value and we are now starting exploring our Addition and Subtraction unit.

In English, we have looked at fronted adverbials, similes and expanded noun phrases. We have used these skills to write a setting description based on the Stone Age Boy.

In Computing, we looked at what personal information means, and how it can appear online. We debated the pros and cons of having this information online. 

We finished our mind maps about the Stone Age in History. From that, we have made timelines, explored the chronology of the Stone Age and the impact it has had on British history.

We also explored the meaning of the prefixes un and dis for our spelling test, which will happen on Monday.

Please remember swimming kit for Monday, for children to come to school in their PE kit on Thursday. Please bring books back in for Thursday to be changed in 3A.

Homework are the spellings and the Sumdog activities. Don't worry about 'handing in' Sumdog homework on teams, because Sumdog automatically logs the scores once logged in. Please do still hand in the spelling homework.

Have a nice weekend everyone,

Mr Clarke.

Posted by Jack Clarke

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