Year 5 Autumn 2 week 7!

17 December 2020




December Challenge – The Spoonie Mummy

Hi all,

This week has been so much fun with lots of Christmas activities to do including, Christmas parties, mystery maths booklets, Christmas puzzles and quizzes and craft making.  With all this, we have still managed to fit in lessons as well.

In maths we completed our multiplication and division unit by calculating multiples of 10, 100 and 1000.

In English, we completed our explanation texts on their own cool gadgets!  We focused on use of technical language and cause and effect conjunctions which they were really getting the hang of.

Our final investigation in Science was to experiment with water resistance by dropping different shaped plasticine to see which one would fall to the ground quicker.  We found out that the flatter one did because of the upward force pushing on the larger surface area.


Championship winners this week:


Gold: Jaimie

Silver: Lily

Bronze: Regan



Gold: Noah

Silver: Crystal

Bronze: Rocco


Our term winners are Noah, Rocco and Koby!


Learning hero!

5A - Felicity

5B - Grace


We will post a couple of Christmas activities to complete over the holidays.  School will reopen on the 4th January.


Have a lovely and safe Christmas and we will see you in the New Year!


Mrs Pearson and Miss Lawton


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