7 November 2019

Our attendance for last week was 93%. This needs to improve!!  We had 1 late mark. 

In English, we started our new text, Arthur and the Golden Rope. So far we made predictions about the title and what we think will happen. We also completed our very own job advert applying for a post at Brownestone's inventions. Keep tuned to find out if we get the job!




In Maths, we have now completed our unit on addition and subtraction. For the next few weeks we will be focusing on multiplication and division. So far we have looked at equal groups, repeated addition and written multiplication number sentences. We practised making equal groups for 6, 8, 15 and 12. We found that we could make them using different resources but each group had to hold the same amount. It was tricky at first but the more we practised the quicker we got!

In French, we recapped on classroom instructions and then learnt how to ask for our friends name and give a reply in French! Check out the videos of us practising on our Twitter account @MRPAyear3b

In Computing we have begun our next unit on Algorithms. We watched a video that explained this term and learnt that it is a set of instructions and that we unknowingly follow these daily e.g. brushing our teeth, making a sandwich.

We started our new Design and Technology unit. We will be making our own soup that links in with our Stone Age topic. We tried different soups to help get our taste buds going. We weren't sure about pea and ham ... mainly because of how it looked! But we had a fantastic time. We also researched the importance of nutritional value and had a look at key soup ingredients such as carrots, parsnips, potatoes and onions. 

In R.E, we started our new unit on Hinduism. We wrote our own fact file after watching an informative video.

In Music, we have been using the drums with Mr White and are developing our understanding of rhythm and pitch. 

In Reading, our text this week revolved around a News Flash, we have been developing our dictionary and thesaurus skills through lots of clarifying sessions. We have also been using our skimming and scanning skills to locate answers to a range of comprehension questions. 


Our Learning Hero was awarded for always working hard, being independent and working collaboratively! Well done.


Our Championship Point winners were Sophia,  Jacob and Luke.

Our winning house was Respect! 

Key information:

Swimming is EVERY MONDAY. PLEASE ensure that your child's clothing is labelled and they are given a bag to carry this in. We have had lots of items go missing and this would help us greatly.

P.E is EVERY WEDNESDAY. Again please ensure a full kit is provided each week. This can remain in school and children can take it home at the end of term. 

Home Learning is given out on Wednesdays/Thursdays. Children are expected to complete this by the following Monday. If this is not completed then they will be expected to attend home work club.  

Reading books are changed as much as possible throughout the week. The more we read the better writers we will become so we encourage as much as possible but expect at least a book to be changed once a week. 

Upcoming Events:

14/11/19 - Stone Age Workshop

19/11/19 - Individual and Sibling Photographs

06/12/19 - Christmas Fair

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