17 January 2020

We have had a super week in Year 5 this week.

The highlight has to be the super Greek food afternoon we had on Tuesday. We really enjoyed making delicious Tzatiki and hummus. We also tried feta, greek yoghurt with honey and olives! The children were fantastic and made some excellent food!

In English, we have continued looking at The Tear Thief. We have been exploring the world of the story and looking specifically at the language the author has used to describe the characters and their movements. We paid special attention to the fantastic figurative language within the text.

In Maths, the children have looked at the formal method for short division. We started the week off using concrete resources to help us, before moving on to completing questions without them. Today, we have completed our first lesson on fractions. We have looked at equivalent fractions and how we can work out hat they are. We will be looking at fractions for a few weeks now, so all Year 5 children will be experts by half term!

In Science, we started looking at our new topic of Materials. We began by looking at how we can group different materials based on their properties. We looked at things such as magnetism, heat conductivity and flexibility.

In Computing, we started our iWeb unit. We looked at what the Internet and World Wide Web are and the difference between them. We also thought about what the Internet allows to do and how it enables collaboration.

In Topic, Mr Hoyle started our new Topic of Anglo Saxons and Vikings! We were very excited to start learning about such a major part of British history!

Stars of the week in Year 5 this week were Ruby and Chloe G! Well done for demonstrating fantastic learning powers this week!


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