28 February 2020

Our  attendance was 90% which is far below 97%.  We 3 late marks, which is much better, remember learning starts from 8.45am.

This week in maths we have been learning subtracting crossing 10. The children have subtracted using tens frames and counters. After lots of practical subtraction calculations they were able to complete subtraction sentences. We will be continuing with subtraction, so if you get chance, practise with them using everyday experiences and objects to help them develop speed in subtracting. ‘You had 5 apples and ate 2 how many are left?’

In English, we have started a new book and the children are enjoying the story. We have held sentences and corrected sentences with missing punctuation and spelling mistakes.  

In geography, the children learnt about aerial photos and maps. We highlighted a map using keys to identify schools, post offices and the library in Droylsden. We also looked at pictures of Droylsden from the past.

In ICT, we have learnt to log on using our passwords. We inputted text on a word document, changed the font, size and colour and learnt how to save and open a document. We then printed our documents.

We visited a Hindu Temple as part of R.E and learnt about worship at the temple. The children had lots of interesting questions and thoroughly enjoyed the morning.


Our Learning Hero - Zak

Handwriting Hero - Olly

Extraordinary Zone - Usman

Championship point - See picture above - we had so many, it was amazing!

Winning House - Determination

Weekly Information

Homework is page 22

Challenge: Write sentences using our spellings.

Remember to logon to Active Learn to find exciting books and more reading opportunities.

For maths try Topmarks - Number bonds to 10/20

Homework is due back Monday

Reading books are due back Monday and Thursday

PE is on Monday and Tuesday



Thursday  5th March - World Book Day - children to dress up as a book character or a WOW word

Tuesday 10th March - children’s art gallery.

Friday13th March -class assembly at 9am

Thursday 19th March - Parents’ Evening



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