We have had another jam packed week with lots of amazing learning and outcomes from the children.

In English, we have been continuing with our journey through Stormbreaker and for their English tasks, they have had to write a letter to MI6 in the role of Alex Rider.  A big focus has been on using formal language and being really selective with vocabulary that they are choosing when forming sentences in a letter style.  

They have also been completing NFER tests this week and we are very pleased with how they focused and perservered through them especially as this was the first time in around a year that they last did tests.  Well done to everyone.

In Science, we have been investigating forces and conducted an experiment using parachutes to measure the effect of air resistance.  We will continue to do this next week and will investigate other forces such as friction and levers and pulleys. 

Please could you send in any washed out tins for our experiment next week?

PE is on a Thursday so can the children attend school in their PE kits on this day. 


Championship winners this week:


Gold: Erin

Silver: Bethany

Bronze: Dara 



Gold: Charles

Silver:  Holly D

Bronze: Noah


Learning hero!

5A - Nathan

5B - Noah


Homework is posted on teams every Friday - work should uploaded onto teams. There is a reading, spelling and an maths task to complete. If children are finding the blue tricky there is also a yellow task to complete.


Have a fantastic weekend,


Mrs Pearson and Miss Lawton