9 January 2020

Jack and the Beanstalk

2020 has begun and we are off to a great start with our learning. Our new topic is Traditional Tales and our first story is Jack and the Beanstalk. This week we have read the story, described the beanstalk, made a beanstalk, ordered the story and created a story map. We have been using positional…

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19 December 2019

Christmas time...

We have had a super busy last week of term. Watching Christmas performances, performing in the Nativity, Christmas dinner, Christmas parties and lots of Christmas activities. Owls have coped really well with such a busy week and we are so proud of their performances in the nativity. 



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Image of Dear Santa 2
13 December 2019

Dear Santa 2

This week we have continued with Dear Santa. We have been retelling our story as well as learning about why we celebrate Christmas and listening to the Nativity story. In Maths we have been recapping numerals and representations 1-5. We have also had a busy week with nativity rehearsals and…

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Image of Dear Santa
6 December 2019

Dear Santa

This week we began a new topic, Christmas! We received a special gift of the book Dear Santa and we have been learning about the book. We made a story map and are learning to retell the story map. In Maths we have been counting Christmas objects and saying how many there are. We have also learnt…

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Image of Bear Snores On 3
28 November 2019

Bear Snores On 3

We have continued with Bear Snores On this week but become group authors by changing the main character to another hibernating animal. Mornings chose a Hedgehog and Afternoons voted for a ladybird. We changed the names of the stories and retold them with the new characters. We have been looking at…

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20 November 2019

Bear Snores on 2

We continued with Bear Snores On and began looking at hibernation and what animals hibernate. We answered why questions, explored the different animals, used mark making skills to draw spikes on the hedgehog. In Maths, we looked at size and ordered items by their size. We used language big, medium…

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14 November 2019

Bear Snores On

We have begun our new topic this week, Autumn/Winter and Hibernation. Our topic book is Bear Snores on and we have been reading our book and really getting to know the story in literacy. We have joined in with the story, predicted what may happen and described the character. We also made a cave in…

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7 November 2019


Little Owls have started Autumn 2 with great enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. We have focused on different celebrations that have recently happened; Diwali, Halloween and Bonfire Night. We talked about how they are all celebrated, who celebrates them and if any of us celebrated them. We have…

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25 October 2019

Happy Half Term

What a fantastic start to our year in Little Owls. We are so pleased with all our children and how much they have come on in these 8 weeks. We have done so much and learnt so many things. From Nursery Rhymes, counting and numbers to dough discos and Spark your Speeches. We hope the children have…

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17 October 2019

Flip Flap Farm

This week we have continued with the farm and Old MacDonald theme and have looked at the book Flip Flap Farm. We have been very busy reading the book, discussing how we can make different silly farm animals and creating our own. We then used our own silly farm animals to sing Old MacDonald. See…

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Image of Old MacDonald
11 October 2019

Old MacDonald

We have had a very busy first few weeks in school. We are getting to know each other and have begun our learning journeys with great enjoyment. 

Our current topic is Nursery Rhymes and we are focusing on Old MacDonald. We have practised the song, made a song map, named different farm animals…

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9 October 2019

Welcome post!

Welcome to our blog.

In this blog you will find out what your child has been up to in the week and the learning that has taken place. There will be pictures of their adult led learning and their independent learning. We will also post some ideas for learning you can do with your Owl at…

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